Chris (cdh10) wrote in distant_realms,

Hello from Michigan

My name is Chris, and I have always belived in the "un-real." Last year, during my first year of college, I realized that the un-real was more real than I had ever believed. In that time, I have remembered images I have seen my whole life. I believe in my most recent life I was a sorcerer of types during the middle ages in Europe, possibly present day germany. That is the most clear one anyway.

I believe that I have been human in most, if not all, of my lives.

The question I pose to the community is how to deal with past lives issues and destiny. I believe that in every live, I have been given a choice. A choice between happiness through myself, and happiness through relationships. Everyday I feel the pull of my past lives pulling me towards being alone, independant of the rest of society. It feels as though I have never even made a choice, it was simple logic to rely on myself.

This life has proved otherwise. No matter what, I keep screwing up relationships (both friendship and romantic). However, this society is not as accessible to hermits as previous societies have been. How do we cope with new societies?

I feel so... out of my element. I would give anything to go back to my last life, to be happily alone.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post.
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