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An Introduction....

Good evening to all. I thought since I decided to join the community I'd better introduce myself:

All in all: I am me, whatever that is.

Everything and nothing at once, as we all are, which, although poorly put, has been the best way for me to describe it in the english tongue, in which I think of as crude and far too in-specific for my tastes.

Mostly I am just a lost and lonely soul that has wandered to and fro for seemingly an eternity, although in comparison with all things, it has only been a short time....

I've been met with skepticism (even from myself), scrutiny, and even downright cruelty when sharing memories et morte, from past lives. Once being subjected to the whims of a man I KNEW from a life, and who played mind games with me, driving me to the brink of insanity.... He'll deny it now, say it was me playing games with him, but I will not forget the day he admitted to me what he had done.... And then another of my friends who was sweet to my face and then called me crazy behind my back... *sighs in remembrance* I hope that such repetitions will not occur, least of all here.

A formal title of mine is The Lady Sorrow, and to it I keep, for it is still a true title.
I shed my tears in the night and think of the sea....

I am not without my share of sins. I have done wrong and lamented for it, but I rejoice in having found new beliefs which have consoled me. May I continue to strive forward and not falter. May we all learn and grow to become the one thing our hearts ultimately ache for: to be whole again....

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