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Strange happenings...

An interesting thing happened to me yesterday, I was driving to Beaverton with Meeper Kitten to get some really good Sushi and I gradually starting feeling more and more like it was hard to breath. The air became muggy, humid, and almost unbreathable, while in my mind swirled thoughts about all the things that I've never been happy about. It was like I was being forced to think about all the things that would make me lose hope and just want to give up the way I've seen many people do. I mean it could just be that it was a really bad day for greenhouse gasses or some such, but to me it felt as if there was not enough air to breathe. The thoughts that accompanied this feeling are highly unusual since I don't tend to take on a defeatist attitude about anything. Ask anybody I know and they will generally say that I have my ups and downs but never do I just give in and stop trying. However, that being said this whole turn of events has prompted me to restart my exercises in the Five Rings study. Assuming I can come to the complete physical awareness that I once had I might be able to shun this stupid stigma and hopefully keep it from happening again. Another thing that I would like to get into is Ancient Taoist Magic. I've seen it in books, movies and heard a great deal about it's practices and how effective it can be. I just wish that there was more info on it to look into. If anyone knows anything about it or perhaps a good book or three on the subject please let me know, it feels as if I should already know it and it feels vastly familiar to me, I just can't localize it long enough to draw a memory. Also, if anyone experienced anything similar to what I felt yesterday, (Monday, March 8) than please also let me know. I'd really like to see if it's just me or is this something that is spreading throughout the entire populace of this world...
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