Konnichi wa :D

'ello. I'm Maku and I came here with Carzoni and Taki *clings to them* So...just posting to let you guys know I exist ._.' and...I'm like Taki and Carzoni too ^^; 'cept I'm a wind demon/elemental. Yeah. I don't have as many memories as they do, but only a few. I'm spending my time here for something I did as well, but I just can't seem to remember what it is ^^; heh heh....>.>; I have nothing else to say. So, see you guys around.
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Hullo, everybody.

I'm new here, so I figured I'd say 'Hullo'. So, Hullo. Well, anyway, my friend Talikada told me that she joined this and I figured I'd join, too.

Anyway, about me being here. Same as Taki. Actually, I was the one with the insane idea that got us here. It really wasn't worth this, but, whatever. More about that, later.

To give you some insight from the beginning my name was Yitasha Carzoni Kataii. Oh, and I was a fire demon, mainly. I mean, I have other elements because I guess you could consider me a 1/32 breed, or somefink.

I've talked to spirits before and seen them as well, but I've never gotten to deal with auras, tarot cards, and the such. I've always wanted to, though, so I hope you can give me some tips or something, sometime. That'd be nice.

Besides that, I was what I call a 'being.' Not a human, but a humanoid person. An alien of sorts, but not lyke the Greys. People with the ability to change shapes, and who have oddly-colored eyes/hair/ etc. Oh, and animal ears/tails. Stuff of that sort.
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new layout

I changed the layout, it's sort of boring, but it doesn't hurt your eyes.
How many people here take an interest into Aura, and if so, what time of the year does it seem the strongest?
I know mine feels strongest around mid-november.
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Your mod is back from the dead

Wow! What a gift; my internet works again and I see we have two new members! This is wonderful. After all, I thought I might of needed to give internet CPR to what I thought was a dying community!

I am anxious for you all to share your thoughts and opinions and discuss memories (maybe even look for someone you may remember) ^_^

This is cool... okay...

Who here uses runes, crystals, and/or tarot?
I have been using them for about 6 years now, and I am a firm believer in the power of all three.

What was your physical form in your past life?
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(no subject)

Hello there, I just joined and figured that I'd write a short post real quickly. I won't post my entire story here today, partly because it's just so much to explain, and partly because I guess it'll take awhile before I get used to things here. I've never really been in a community before.

Well, to start off, my spirit isn't from Earth. I'm supposedly trapped here with a few others to live out a sentence -- punishment for something we did a long time ago. We were kind-of framed, though.... It's a long story. I don't have many personal memories, but the more time goes on, the more information unfolds for us. As for what I am, exactly... well, not human. That's a start. ^_^; Like I said, it'll take awhile to mention all the details.

I guess my main reason for joining this community was to try to meet others in similar situations or with similar beliefs. :3 If anyone wants to talk, let me know. I have an AIM address and an e-mail address, too.
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Eric and Ryan

(no subject)

Hi, I'm a firm believer in past lives and memory recall...I am trying to find more people that also know somethings to help me on my journey...

I also wanted to tell you that I to have made a community but you can never have too many communities to join :P...

I hope to hear from you soon...

My community is




Cait aka

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Just a thought.

There is much controversy out about how otherkin may be suffering from Schizotypal Personality Disorder.
I am sure that may hold water on some of the more far-out-and-hysterical personality types, but if one calls themselves "Otherkin" and was not a fairy, dragon, furry, or an elf, basically nothing that is not defined yet in human mythology in their last life (such as myself), does that make them "Schizo" as well? Does this also include saints who "spoke to god" as schizophrenic individuals? Following their line of thought, it would be blasphemous to call those "saints" schizophrenic. But rightful to call a person of any other non-mainstream belief system. There is really no other way to loosely describe your beliefs when in your last life you knew you were not human, or not even from this plane of existance.
You cannot observe the soul under a microscope, and label it a Homo Sapien for eternity. In fact, you cannot even disprove the notion of a soul. The same goes for proving that soul exists. It's an inward belief.
Copernicus introduced the idea of a non-earth centric universe. Why does the idea of an infinite soul always have to be limited to the boundaries of earth? We know that the universe is filled with habitible planets, who said that evolution can't take place and give way to intelligent creatures as well? Believing that we are the only intelligent bipedal creatures in this beautiful, vast universe... that's just a plate of egocentricism, with a side of raw ignorance.
No, I am not suffering from Schizotypal Personality Disorder. I am a normal human being.
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Hello once again!

This community is slowly off to a start, and I promised myself I would like to go through with something I started for a change.
I have faith that this community will be prosperous for it's future members, and current members alike. :)

I have a few things I would like to bring up:
(feel free to express opinion on any)

1) Do you feel that if we all are were to come from the same energies and particles from the initial creation of the universe (as Carl Sagan said, "Star Stuff), do you think evolution on other planets could or may take a similar (but in some aspects, totally different) path?

2) Here is some reading material on the Theoritician and Physicist, David Bohm. This article covers Bohm's Gnosis and the Implicate Order of the universe, as well as the Holographic Reality.

3) How do you deal with those who outwardly attack your beliefs? Any horrible experiences? Do you think a major malefactor to kin-bashing by society is due to irrational otherkin themselves?
I for one, think that the people who are on an ego-trip 24/7 about being a fox-cat-dragon-goddess of the darkness only heightens the tension between the average individuals in this society and other kin-folk. I get a little bit irritated when people outwardly express themselves in such a way. It only takes one to give a bad name for all.

4) Should I change the layout to something a bit more pleasing? Perhaps black and viridian green? Green is a soothing color for a community of people who most often love nature.
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