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This is a community for Otherkin, and those who experienced a past life beyond this earth (or this earth)
This includes:
Those have had past lives (be it here, or a different plane of existance)
Those who experience co-location
Multiple lives

This is not a roleplaying community.

Feel free to join, but please review these guidelines:

I, as the moderator of this community, I lay down the rules right here.

1. bashing- None of that here. (being playful is fine, but hateful flaming is another thing.)
2. No community whoring. None.
3. No pornographic images, let's keep this safe for those under 18. (General swearing is fine)
4. If posting images, use a LJ-cut. Believe me though, I want to see your art.
5. Most importantly, absolutely no self-glorifying elitism. I will not tolerate the "I am better than you" attitude. For a community where people from all paths of life convene, this is entirely inappropriate. If this happens to a great degree, I will go on a -banning- spree.
6. No human bashing, or general misanthropy. You are in a human body after all.
7. We want to know your experiences!
8. If there any debates on here that become a bit too malicious in tone, I kindly ask to keep the debating outside of this community. Debates on religion are irrelevant to this community.